Chad's Campaign: Shelob's Lair

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A video of this deck in action can be seen here;

This deck is tailored to fight Shelob and the mechanics of her quest.
Stage 1: Build your army, be prepared for Underground locations to stack up, which is why Eryn Galen Settler is in this deck. Prepare Sam Gamgee for battle. If you can, sit at this stage as long as possible and draw cards, save Frodo's Intuition for Stage 2.

Stage 2: Only one ally can enter play each round, be wise with your choices. Shelob will attack you each round or gains a resource. If you can safely defend that attack you make the quest much easier.

Sam needs: Fast Hitch, Hobbit Cloak, Staff of Lebethron to safely defend that attack and avoid the nasty shadows. Song of Battle and Spear of the Citadel help him when she loses Indestructible.

Try to get through this stage in 4 rounds.

Stage 3: If you have the right cards in hand, this stage is easy. Kill Gollum as fast as possible. Use direct damage to remove any resources from Shelob. Clear the Cleft of CU to remove Indestructible and she is added to the Victory Display before she engages you.

I make a mis-play during my video at this part (mainly because I was so frustrated after I found out I had been playing Frodo Baggins wrong....PLANNING ACTION!).

I could have killed Gollum by readying Frodo and Treebeard, I had forgotten Frodo had a Fast Hitch. I should have defended Shelob's attack at the start of questing with my Gondorian Spearman and his spear to remove the 2 resources, then Sneak Attack Gandalf plus Hail of Stones to put 8 damage on her.