Thematic "Shadow of the Past" - Support

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Thematic Saga - Shadow of the Past
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Two-Player LOTR Saga Power Deck 5 2 0 1.0
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Thematic "The Old Forest" - Support 0 0 0 1.0

Tubarush 98

Tubarush has updated this deck: Thematic "The Old Forest" - Support

Inspired by a deck by Seosaidh.

My 1st attempt to do a Thematic Saga campaign -- or at least a reasonably thematic run given the mechanics of the game. I think I succeeded in this --- for the first quest at least.

This deck is the "support" deck. The Dunedain watch over the lands. Gandalf investigates. Fatty Bolger stays home and smokes.

The Hobbit Pipes are here. Speaking of Hobbit Pipes, get the first on Fatty and the second on Frodo. Then time your Smoke Rings for when this deck is first player.

Northern Tracker is huge here. I should probably just add a 3rd --- dropping a Greyflood Wanderer.