4 player Pelennor Fields

Roka 534


This is deck a thematic fellowship, meant to replay the events of the Battle of the Pelennor Fields.

Galadriel might not seem very thematic, but if you imagine that her power can influence even the events in Gondor while she is in Lorien, it makes sense.

Behind the Walls is a support deck, helping with card draw and healing, and Gandalf with Shadowfax can also help other players in combat.

The Armies of Gondor has to main goals: spaming out allies that you can boost with Visionary Leadership and ready with Faramir and turn Beregond into a tank that can defend around the board. In combination with a Rohan deck it's not to hard to get multiple uses out of Prince Imrahil every round.

Rohan has come is a typical Rohan deck, discarding allies for benefits. The other decks help here to keep this cost and card intensive strategy running. It can muster a lot of quest power.

The Hunters is more focused on boosting heroes and giving Aragorn his toys, but also helps with threat reduction.