Tricksy Questing, Straight Slaying (GenCon 2017)


I created this fellowship in late June 2017, in preparation for GenCon 2017. I'm continuing to tweak throughout the summer. Read each deck description to get a good idea of how it works on its own. Noldor Cost Two! definitely needs some kind of Sentinel defense deck to help it along in the combat arena, whereas Shields of Gondor, Bows of the Galadhrim cannot quest really at all.

There's a minimum of playing across decks here. The exception is Unexpected Courage, which should be played on Legolas and Beregond as quickly as possible (once CĂ­rdan the Shipwright has his and Narya equipped). Other than that, Erebor Hammersmith can help rescue Cram from the discard for emergency readying, and Valiant Sacrifice can help the Noldor draw a few more cards.

Each deck is fun to play in its own way--I'd say Noldor Cost Two! is tricksy, and Shields & Bows is very (veeeery) straightforward.