Ranger-Elven Alliance


This is a fellowship consisting of Rangers (mostly Dúnedain) and Silvan elves. The primary objective of this deck is to consistently keep 2-4 enemies engaged with the Dúnedain while picking off excess enemies from the Silvan side of the table.

Ideal setup for the Dúnedain: Get at least one Guardian of Arnor early on, helped by attaching Heir of Valandil to a hero. If you can get two (or even three) Guardians on the board and maintain an engagement of a few low-attack enemies, the guardians will easily defend throughout the game (they get +1 for each enemy engaged). Later, look for Sword that was Broken for Aragorn so that all characters on the Dúnedain side get +1 .

Ideal setup for the Silvan Elves: This deck is tuned for either Silvan shenanigans (allies entering and exiting play) or just straight-up aggro style. Key is to get some weapons on Haldir of Lórien, especially a Rivendell Blade and either the Bow of the Galadhrim (preferred) or Elven Spear. After Haldir is loaded up, work on getting some weapons on Legolas. Celeborn mostly serves as a passive +1 , , and for allies coming in to play, so I typically use his 3 for questing.

With Halbarad's ability to optionally engage an additional enemy each round, you can keep Haldir's combat action ready for use from round to round to maintain a reasonable number of enemy engagements on the other side of the table. If Haldir is equipped with some weapons, he can easily dispatch excess enemies to keep the Dúnedain from being overwhelmed.

Legolas' ability to add two progress tokens after destroying enemies can help manage locations and quests. All in all, this is a fun fellowship to play, especially two-handed solo.


Nov 22, 2017 Iskander4000 1

Looks like a lot of fun! Are card like Greenwood Archer and some of the newer Dunedain left out due to you not owning more recent expansions or did you find that these cards work better?

Nov 22, 2017 Iskander4000 1

Also, who's doing the questing? And what's White Tower Watchman's purpose since you have a mix of spheres?

Nov 26, 2017 MikeGruz 42

It's a fun set of decks to play - I need to update the fellowship, but I've since adjusted the Dúnedain deck a bit (for example, dropping the Watchman). My sets are up to the Angmar Awakened cycle, so once I catch up on Harad I'm sure cards like the Greenwood Archer will make their way in there!