Secret Paths

Event. Cost: 1.

Quest Action: Choose a location in the staging area. Until the end of the phase, that location does not contribute its

...Beorn advised them to take this way; for at a place a few days' ride due north of the Carrock was the gate of a little-known pathway through Mirkwood... The Hobbit
Empty Room Studios

Core Set #66. Lore.

Secret Paths

Secret Paths is basically Radagast's cunning for locations. It's slightly better, in that most enemies automatically engage but you never half to travel to a location if you don't want to (barring east bight, etc.), thus this will have a target more often. Plus, most locations have more threat than enemies.

I like this card a lot, actually. I think it's highly underrated. — Mad Morderan 133

Secret Paths is one of those cards which I always add, when play heavy location scenario. In specific situation it can actually (and also did) save my game. For one resource you will ignore location threat, which can be any number. Another cheap and effective card for your side board. Nice artwork. Verdict: 4/5.

matrosh 520
I'd personally say that it's worth including, regardless of whether or not you're playing a location heavy scenario; in higher player counts, odds are good that at least one location is going to be in the staging area, meaning that you're most likely going to have a target for this. Spending 1 Lore resource for +X Willpower, where X is the Threat of the highest Threat location in the staging area, is quite the fair trade off, I'd say. — AlasForCeleborn 624