Mithrandir's Advice

Event. Cost: 1.

Action: Draw 1 card for each hero you control with a printed resource icon.

"Let none now reject the counsels of Gandalf, whose long labours against Sauron come at last to their test." Aragorn, The Return of the King
Nacho Molina

The Steward's Fear #9. Lore.

Mithrandir's Advice

Once again a card I am surprised to see such a good card (in the right decks) without review.

It's of course at its strongest in a mono-Lore deck, but I would advocate that even in a deck with 2 Lore heroes paying 1 resource to draw 2 cards is still a good bargain. It also is one of the best targets for Scroll of Isildur, again especially in a mono-Lore deck.