Anfalas Herdsman

Ally. Cost: 1. 0   0   0   1  


Each Outlands character you control gets +1 hit point.

From the Anfalas, the Langstrand far away, a long line of men of many sorts, hunters and herdsmen and men of little villages... The Return of the King
Blake Henriksen

The Steward's Fear #8. Lore.

Anfalas Herdsman

This is one of the more important - and possibly under-appreciated - ally cards in the Outlands archetype. This is the card that prevents all your other one health "synergy swarm" Outland allies, Ethir Swordsman, Knights of the Swan, and Warrior of Lossarnach from dying off via an archery shot or encounter card which damages allies by 1.

If you use those other allies, you'll be happy to see the Anfalas Herdsman on the table to give them durability.

This is an awesome ally in any deck, not just Outlands. If you get 3 of these cards out at once that is a total of 12 which is perfect against Archery. This guy even makes a great chump blocker where there are shadow cards that deal 1 damage to the defending character since he boosts himself. No undefended attacks that way. Most people would say that Ethir Swordsman is the superior ally, but I see both Anfalas Herdsman and Ethir Swordsman pairing well together. If you get all 6 allies out you've got to feel pretty good about that. So forget Hirluin the Fair and Outlands in general, and include Anfalas Herdsman (and Ethir Swordsman) when and where you can.

Copterman 1107