Legacy of Númenor

Event. Cost: 0.

Doomed 4.

Action: Add 1 resource to each hero's resource pool.

"...in the midst of that valley is a tower of stone called Orthanc. It was not made by Saruman, but by the Men of Númenor long ago: and it is very tall and has many secrets..." Gandalf, The Fellowship of the Ring
Matt Stewart

The Voice of Isengard #11. Leadership.

Legacy of Númenor

This here is an awesome card. Doomed 4 might look unattractive, but the explosive starts you can get from it more than make up for the downside. It's one of the best possible turn 1 plays in most cases, allowing you to get multiple allies/attachments out before the encounter deck has had a chance to do anything. It's quite possible you'll counter some of that threat in the quest phase with your instant army. Legacy of Numenor is especially good against the really brutal fast quests, where you were going to die before 50 threat anyway.

Erestor benefits from this quite a bit, as it's the fastest way to get resources for his huge opening hand. Aragorn is another logical hero, since he can entirely negate the downside. More generally, any deck that wants to go fast can run it, and if you're worried about threating out, just win faster. If you're playing multiplayer and your allies complain, tell them to win faster too.