The Seeing-stone

Event. Cost: 0.

Doomed 1.

Action: Search your deck for a card with the Doomed keyword and add it to your hand. Shuffle your deck.

"...alone it could do nothing but see small images of things far off and days remote." Gandalf, The Two Towers
Rafał Hrynkiewicz

The Voice of Isengard #15. Neutral.

The Seeing-stone

I think this cards is underrated, especially in multiplayer games. At first glance it looks bad for multiplayer, cause only you get to search for a card, while everybody has to raise their threat. However the card you grab most likely will gave a benefit for other players, like Deep Knowledge or Legacy of Númenor. So for your teammates, it essentially gives them the effect of a doomed event for +1 threat, which is still almost always a good deal, especially with Deep Knowledge. If you ask me if i want to raise my theat by 3 to draw 2 cards in any moment of the game, I would say yes most of the time. Of course there are some decks like Hobbits or Secrecy that want low threat, but then you are probably not running doomed events anyway. But if you run Deep Knowledge in your fellowship to help with card draw (something a lot of decks do), I think this card should be considered more often. There also is the disadvantage that you might draw this after you played all your dooomed events, but if you have already drawn 6 cards from deep knowledge, one dead card in your hand probably might not change the outcome of the game.

Roka 1584
I also love getting this with Saruman, since it guarantees two extra readies (one for itself and one for whatever other card you fetch). — ironwill212 767
Just to add to that, it lets you make good use of Keys to Orthanc, cashing in one resource playing the Seeing Stone then an immediate second resource for the next Doom card. — Dor-lomin 89