Galadhrim Minstrel

Ally. Cost: 2. 1   0   0   1  

Silvan. Minstrel.

Response: After Galadhrim Minstrel enters play, search the top five cards of your deck for an event card and add it to your hand. Shuffle the other cards back into your deck.

...the language was that of Elven-song and spoke of things little known on Middle-earth. The Fellowship of the Ring
Arden Beckwith

Trouble in Tharbad #63. Lore.

Galadhrim Minstrel

To me this is the best card in silvan deck. It give you the event needed to jump here (Feigned Voices and The Tree People are my favorite) or a very good tale to make you able of bring tons of allies in a few turn. After that it give you the cancel effect you need to be sure to maintain this army.

Rouxxor 1556
I would argue that "The Tree People" is the best card in the deck, but Gladhrim is a close second. Combined, they are the most potent combination of cards in the deck, I would say. — SecondhandTook 533
I'm not averse to throwing her into any deck where I consider an event critical. — WolfOfWinter 1