Vigilant Guard

Attachment. Cost: 3.


Attach to a Warrior character. Limit 1 per character.

Attached character gets +2 hit points.

Response: When another character would be assigned any amount of damage, place 1 of that damage on attached character instead.

Lukasz Jaskolski

A Storm on Cobas Haven #113. Tactics.

Vigilant Guard

Rules question: Can Vigilant Guard intercept damage that would be intercepted by another copy of Vigilant Guard? Is placing damage the same as assigning damage? That's how I've been playing it, and man is it good then. One copy alone on Gimli pretty much makes damage spreading treacheries a non-threat, and getting a second on another hero allows you to fairly effectively damage-bend (ala air-bending).

The response is optional ("response" vs "forced"), so just pick which one you want to take the damage. (or both, if there was 2+ damage assigned) — ellipticaltable 14