Fatty Bolger

Hero. Threat: 7. 1   1   2   3  


Action: Exhaust Fatty Bolger to choose an enemy in the staging area and raise your threat by that enemy's . Until the end of the phase, that enemy does not contribute its . (Limit once per round.)

"I only hope that you do not need rescuing before the day is out" The Fellowship of the Ring
Sebastian Giacobino

The Black Riders #5. Spirit.

Fatty Bolger

To be totally honest, I don't think I have ever used Fatty's ability. I have always just used him for his defensive stats which are actually pretty good, especially for a low threat hobbit(koff koff Bilbo). I'm kinda sad about this because I always liked Fatty as a character and it's a real bummer that Folco Boffin is amazing while Fatty's ability is awful. I hope they come out with a new version of Fatty eventually or errata this one to improve it(or both!).

His name is freakin' Fatty! he should be waaaaaaaaaaaay better — Truck 1422
He should stay the way he is Truck — Gandalf_taci 20
Truck, Fatty should stay the way he is! — Gandalf_taci 20

Everyone says that Fatty is a horrible hero, and blah blah blah. But I disagree. Now, don't get me wrong. I'm not saying that he's the best hero in the game or anything like that, but I like him. His ability isn't great but it's still pretty good if you're in a tight spot and need progress on a quest card or something like that. Just add threat reduction or Loragorn and now you can use his ability a little bit more often. Also, he has 2 which isn't a lot, but for a hobbit it's great. Give him DĂșnedain Warning or Hobbit Cloak, Ring Mail, Staff of Lebethron, etc. and he can now take Nazgul attacks in stride.

Yeah, I use him quite a bit for my defender in a saga BoF hobbit deck — Truck 1422
Bond of friendship. SIGH............ if only I had it. — GreenWizard 322
The great thing about his ability is that it offers you a lot of flexibility when it comes to questing. If you've already got a high threat enemy in the staging area, you can save a bunch of characters from questing (and thus use them to help engage and kill the enemy instead) by putting Fatty's ability to use. Big baddie pops out of the encounter deck and ruins your plans to clear a location or quest card? Fatty's got you covered. Or on the flipside, do you want to fine-tune your questing to keep from clearing a quest/location too early? Fatty can help with that. Certainly, anything that raises your threat seems like it might go against the hobbit synergy, but SpFrodo also has an ability that raises your threat, which needs to be managed strategically. And really, few decks come prepared for dealing with threat like a hobbit deck (SpMerry, Shire-folk, Smoke rings, and so on). Give Fredegar a go, folks, you won't be disappointed! — MrObsolete 55

I would just like to say that Fatty Bolger as a character is getting a major upgrade, thanks to A Long Extended Party. He deserves it.

Truck 1422
Yeah, his new version is pretty amazing! — GreenWizard 322
A very interesting (and powerful) alternative. Looking forward to trying him out! — MrObsolete 55

Last night, we played the Long Dark at 4 players. Fatty Bolger cancelled 18 threat over the course of the 5 turns that mattered. Hobbits have no problem reducing threat now, so somehow this card is way less bad than wahen released. Exhausting is also less of an issue in Hobbits.

The full table was surprised of his effectiveness: can Fatty Bolger really help with 4 to 5 of willpower a turn on the tough scenarios, and defend when needed?

batman 114

Best art of any card. By far. Not Fat enough though. Sebastian Giacobino did a wonderful job.