Ally. Cost: 2. 2   3   1   3  


Cannot have restricted attachments. Enters play exhausted.

Response: After Quickbeam enters play, deal 1 damage to him to ready him.

"I am Bregalad, that is Quickbeam in your language. But it is only a nickname, of course." The Two Towers
Mike Nash

The Treason of Saruman #6. Lore.


An excellent ally in any deck with Lore, whether it uses other ents or not. Two resources, he's legitimately good at both questing and attacking, and he won't be a speedbump to your momentum like most ents. I don't think I've ever played him without using his ability - ideally he won't be taking damage anyway. An early Quickbeam will give you breathing room, since you'll make it practical to kill a tough enemy in one turn while keeping ahead of the threat curve at the same time. I find myself throwing him in most of my decks, even as a 1x.

I agree. A 2 Willpower, 3 Attack, 1 Defense, and 3 hit point character (stats of a decent hero) ally is absolutely insane for a cost of two, and the damage isn't a big deal, especially with Wellinghall Preserver or Booming Ent. — Booming_Ent 37