Ally. Cost: 2. 2   1   0   2  

Gondor. Ranger.

Response: After Mablung enters play, choose an enemy to get +5 engagement cost until the end of the round. Then, you may engage that enemy, or return it to the staging area.

"But still we will not sit idle and let Him do all as He would." The Two Towers
Beth Sobel

The Land of Shadow #5. Lore.


Not too exciting on first glance, but a worthy ally. He often squeaks into my decks as a random singleton, just based off of his 2-for-2 willpower - it's like having Arwen Undómiel in Lore, a sphere that otherwise isn't as good in that area. His ability is awkward to use, but has enough edge cases that it's relevant at some point. Generally it's good for getting threat out of the staging area pre-quest, and you may sometimes want it to trigger certain Dunedain abilities or push an enemy onto a trap. Being an entry effect on a unique card with a nontrivial cost, this will basically just be a small one-time bonus.

He synergizes well with Sam Gamgee. — ugawreck 1