Squire's Helm

Attachment. Cost: 1.

Item. Armor.

Attach to an ally. Restricted.

Limit 1 per ally.

Attached ally gets +2 hit points.

“There are no great weapon-hoards here, lord,” answered Éomer. “Maybe a light helm might be found to fit him...”
The Return of the King
Sara Biddle

The Withered Heath #3. Leadership.

Squire's Helm

The Squire's Helm isn't a bad card in isolation. Two hit points are great on your high value low HP allies who you don't want dying because of some surprise treachery or more commonly, shadow effect. I particularly like this with Defender of Rammas which gives a lot more longevity for a cheap but valuable card.

Problem is, since I obtained Hauberk of Mail, I haven't really been able to justify this card too often; just seems more tangible than in a lot of scenarios. And if you're buffing up a high value ally, do you really want to use up your valuable restricted slots on a cheap helmet?

I agree that it's use cases are slim. It does work well as a cheap buff for the Guardian of Esgaroth in this same pack. But I have never played either of those cards outside of a dedicated Dale deck — frozen 162
It's not a bad attachment for non combat allies that are important - to an Arwen, or Warden of Healing, maybe Henamarth? So that one treachery doesn't just wipe them, or can survive more than two in Arwen's case. Still limited use case, but that's the best outside of a dale deck I think you'd get. Also just as an archery sink in scenarios with lots of archery. — Mythik 200