Woodmen's Clearing

Attachment. Cost: 0.


Attach to a location. Limit 1 per location.

Response: When attached location leaves play as an explored location, the first player reduces his threat by 3.

In spite of the dangers of this far land bold men had of late been making their way back into it from the South, cutting down trees, and building themselves places to live...
The Hobbit
Mariusz Gandzel

The Withered Heath #4. Lore.

Woodmen's Clearing

Why has this not gotten any reviews? Honestly, one of the best threat reduction in the game, and one of the very few options for Lore in this field. Simple to use, great effect, especially in solo play, and, first and foremost, cheap. I put two to three copies of this in each Lore deck I build, simply because it is so good.

Taudir 319
in multiplayer you cannot control very well, who gets the reduction. for solo its o.k. but if usable, elronds council is better. — doomguard 1877
You are right, of course. Elrond’s counsel is better, but I think it is cool to have other, if not so efficient, options in different spheres. — Taudir 319
The other upside of this card is that, unlike Elrond's Counsel, it doesn't require a unique Noldor to play. That makes it viable for a lot more decks. — aea2o5 2