The Hidden Way

Event. Cost: 2.

Response: At the beginning of the quest phase, search the top 5 cards of the encounter deck for a location and make it the active location, returning any previous active location to the staging area. Then, reveal 1 less encounter card this phase (to a minimum of 0). Shuffle the encounter deck.

Preston Stone

The Withered Heath #5. Lore.

The Hidden Way

This card is good especially if there is no active location. I play it in a deck with Bilbo Baggins Gildor's Counsel and Good Meal with great results. There are many quests where there is no starting active locations. Having this out turn one will put you ahead on board. Unlike Gildors council this card works well for solo play as it reduces the number if cards to a minimum if 0. The only question I have is if it whiffs on finding a location I am unsure if the effect still goes off. Thankfully every time I've played it thus far it has found a location. Last night I was playing fate of wilderland and we were pretty far into the game with a bunch of allies. I played this card and found hills of wilderland on top, for that alone this card was worth the include.

JTG81 38