Secret Vigil

Attachment. Cost: 1.


Attach to an enemy. Limit 1 per enemy.

Attached enemy gets -1 .

Response: When attached enemy is destroyed, reduce each player's threat by the attached enemy's printed .

"If simple folk are free from care and fear, simple they will be, and we must be secret to keep them so." Aragorn, The Fellowship of the Ring
Piya Wannachaiwong

The Lost Realm #12. Tactics.

Secret Vigil

An excellent option for shoring up a traditional Tactics deck weakness. This is the best way for Tactics to reduce threat, and you even get to "quest" for one more until you're ready to fire it. It gets better in multiplayer, where it's usually at least as good as the 3-cost The Galadhrim's Greeting - beating Spirit at its own game. It is annoying when you can't find a good target, but it won't be long before at least a 2 comes along.

This card has often saved our asses in many games, since we play in 4 players Fellowship and we see (and kill) loads of enemies each round, with this card often reducing our total threat by 8 - 12 for just one resource. Also the -1 Threat is more useful than one may think, especially coming from Tactics. — Alonewolf87 2212
An outstanding card in Ent decks that are vulnerable to threating out! Include 3, you won't regret it. — Mad Morderan 135