Long Lake Fisherman

Ally. Cost: 2. 1   1   0   2  


Response: After Long Lake Fisherman enters play, name a number. Then, search the top 5 cards of your deck for a card whose printed cost is equal to that number and add it to your hand. Shuffle your deck.

Tropa Entertainment

The Withered Heath #8. Spirit.

Long Lake Fisherman

Boy do I love Dale! Brand's card draw and willpower, Bard is a great shopper AND he recycles! This guy, though, he really keeps the Dale decks going.

Play him, draw (most likely). Throw a cloak on him, draw. 2 cards played, 2 cards drawn. Love it! As a bonus, you can name the cost you want to look for. Need a 2-cost ally? Go for it! Need a 0-cost attachment? Bet you'll find it! How about that 1-cost event? He's there for you!

He's shirtless and he's heating up the waters just like he's heating up your board state by catching that Guardian of Esgaroth.

Plasto 55

I think the Long Lake Fisherman deserves a place outside a Dale deck.

Yes, you can have a 2 non-unique ally for 2, but only with 1 . So his stats are decent, and he can also serve as a chump blocker if needed (without risking an undefended attack on a "deal one damage to defending character" shadow).

His response is what makes him really good. It's not as good as Heed the Dream, but usually you are looking for a specific card (usually a 3× card that you didn't get after mulligan, hello Steward of Gondor) and getting anything else would be as bad as whiffing.

He can even replace Weather Hills Watchman (must signal cards cost 1) or Odo Proudfoot (most of hobbit allies cost 2).

Emmental 386