Ancestral Armor

Attachment. Cost: 4.

Item. Armor.

Attach to a or Noble character. Restricted.

Limit 1 per character

Attached characters gets +2 and +2 hit points.

"May it keep you well!" said Theoden. "It was made for me in Thengel's day, while still I was a boy." - The Two Towers
Aleksander Karcz

Roam Across Rhovanion #28. Leadership.

Ancestral Armor

A really good amazing card for the right defenders, from Erkenbrand to Denethor to Elrond, providing both and Hit Points. It has quite the steep price but it can be offset somehow with various shenanigans like Master Ironsmith or Erebor Toymaker, but it also resides in the best sphere for resource generation so it should not be too hard to play.