Quicker Than Sight

Event. Cost: 0.

Response: Return a Silvan ally you control to your hand to cancel a shadow effect just triggered during combat.

"You would die before your stroke fell."
Legolas, Th Two Towers

Fire in the Night #64. Spirit.

Quicker Than Sight

This may be the most underrated of the Silvan return to hand events. I find that in most quests at least one shadow effect shows up that will have a devastating impact (additional attack, return to staging, deal one damage to a 1 hp defender, etc.) if not dealt with.

Quicker Than Sight provides a simple solution for Silvan decks without requiring any resources (giving it the advantage over Hasty Stroke). It has the added benefit of bouncing back a Silvan (Galion is great for this!) to be replayed later, and it can cancel any shadow effect (not just for enemies engaged with you).

I typically throw 1-2 into Silvan decks with access to . Really solid card.