Ally. Cost: 2. 1   1   0   1  

Creature. Scout.

Cannot have attachments.

Response: After an encounter card without surge is revealed, exhaust Gavin to give that card surge and add 1 resource to the pool of a Scout hero you control. If the next encounter card revealed is not a location, discard it without resolving its effects.

Paul Scott Canavan

ALeP - The Aldburg Plot #11. Spirit.


Lanwyn is one of my favorite heroes. She's unique in having lots of willpower, attack, and readying all at the same time. However, what's the likelihood of getting two surges in one turn, especially in a lower player count? Well, just put Gavin in your deck and problem solved! He even generates you a resource per round, and if you think it's absolutely necessary to get him out on turn one, just take Widfast and you get him for free! Half the time he will also get rid of some really nasty treachery or enemy. Gavin's only downfall is that you might get a nasty location; but luckily, is home to some of the best location control in the game. So overall, Gavin is another great ALeP addition to the card pool!

Turgon 555
The sad part is your description of Lanwyn is also just Glorfindel with Light of Valinor — NERD 759