Hero. Threat: 10. 2   1   2   3  

Woodman. Scout.

Setup: Search your collection for a Creature ally and add it to your hand. For the first round, reduce its cost by 2.

Travel Action: If there is 1 active location, spend 1 resource from Widfast’s pool to travel to another location, resolving its Travel effect. (There are now 2 active locations.)

Katerina Poliakova

ALeP - The Aldburg Plot #2. Spirit.


She is a phenomenal spirit hero for the woodmen/ location control archetypes. Typically her setup ability will often get you a free Gavin into play on turn one to make up for her 8 total stats for a 10 cost. Gavin himself is a great resource battery who's only downside is pulling an extra location into the stage area on occasion. Widfast's travel action is just amazing for clearing your staging area of potential location jamming and gives you another target for all your location attachments (specifically limit 1 per location cards like Woodmen's Clearing).

Another option is getting an Eagles of the Misty Mountains for a guaranteed turn 1 big creature play (Seastan made a really strong and unique deck around this).

I love her in my location-control deck and I hope she helps gets more players into the archetype!

I always had issues with using ALeP player cards, playing unofficial scenarios is great, but somehow I am really reluctant to use fan-made content when it comes to player cards... — warlock000 3366
Have you considered using ALeP player cards against ALeP scenarios? — Seastan 42133
ALEP payer cards VS ALEP scenarios is the BEST thing. ♥️ — Vincentluc14 29