Fatty Bolger

Hero. Threat: 7. 1   1   2   3  


Setup: Reduce your threat by 2.

Response: Raise your threat by 4 and exhaust Fatty Bolger to cancel a non-unique enemy card just revealed from the encounter deck and add it to the victory display. (Limit once per game for the group.)

Fatty Bolger had not been idle. As soon as he saw the dark shapes creep from the garden, he knew that he must run for it, or perish. —The Fellowship of the Ring
Yang Zhao

ALeP - The Aldburg Plot #1. Lore.

Fatty Bolger

This card is cool but not as cool as the non MOTK red Pippin as this Fatty card can reduce your threat and cancel a non unique enemy card. The non MOTK red Pippin is still WAY cooler. If you have not seen the red non MOTK Pippin you would see him he is SO cool!