Boots from Erebor

Attachment. Cost: 0.


Attach to a Dwarf or Hobbit character.

Limit 1 Boots from Erebor per character.

Attached character gets +1 hit point.

Carolina Eade

Khazad-dûm #13. Neutral.

Boots from Erebor

This is basically a waste of a deck slot, though I'd consider it with Gimli... and maybe Dori+Beorn+healing or some complicated shit. One hit point just doesn't matter enough in general, not when you have to place it in advance. In most cases you expect your blockers to either take minimal damage or get their head exploded like Scanners, and I don't know that anyone exposed to frequent damage is important enough to warrant a whole card for such a small bit of extra insurance. Nor are there any 1hp hobbits or dwarves that warrant protection from treachery chip damage. It'd be nice on Defender of Rammas if he was allowed to use it. I at least appreciate that while you can ride a stack of three horses, you can't wear two pairs of shoes. Some things just shouldn't be trifled with.

Similar 0-cost cards that will help you more: Close Call, Dúnedain Remedy, Gondorian Discipline, Livery of the Tower, Tides of Fate, Weather-stained Cloak. If you somehow just need a general purpose filler card, Cram.

Actually, you can stick up to eight mounts under a hero, if you give them the right traits. — Wandalf the Gizzard 2442
Don't. Mock. The. Remedy. — AlasForCeleborn 680
Considering Weather-stained cloak to be anything other than pure garbage is blasphemy. Boots of Erebor goes also well with Gloin and the Bree/Hobbit undefended attack archetype. It can also boost the hitpoints of a halfling Well-preserved ringbearer. — NERD 826
Just used it for the first time. Hobbit bond of friendship deck and needed another neutral card. — Antiklimax 61