Gift of Foresight

Attachment. Cost: 2.


Attach to a hero with at least 2 printed . Limit 1 per hero.

Attached hero gets +2 if it has not committed to the quest this round.

“Do not think that only by singing amid the trees, nor even by the slender arrows of elven-bows, is this land of Lothlórien maintained and defended.”
–Galadriel, The Fellowship of the Ring

ALeP - The Gap of Rohan #82. Spirit.

Gift of Foresight

There are limited targets for this card ito make it worth losing a quest action from a strong character. A case could be made for Gandalf so you could boost defense and still attack, but my target of choice would be Treebeard. If you can control damage from him defending one round, that gives you a potential two points of damage to use for questing or attacking the next time. Couple this with Pint and the tools that help the Bree trait in aLEP can strengthen Treebeard if you have access to Spirit.

Gift of Foresight works great for any 2-willpower heroes with well-rounded stats, especially those who are included for an ability rather than just their stats. One of my favorite new targets for this card is actually Mablung. Since he can carry a Gondorian Shield, too, this easily gets him to 6 defense. Other options are Beravor (often held back from questing to draw cards, but with this card she can be a credible pinch defender if needed). Spirit Aragorn may be the best in-sphere target, since with his ability he can contribute to the questing phase without actually questing! — kjeld 480
All excellent points. There are some strong 2/2/2 heroes out there. — Raiderjakk 45