The Hardy Harad

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The BGamerJoe 1578

This is the deck I’m bringing to the 2018 Fellowship Event. It will be accompanied by my wife’s The Power Trio deck.

This is a variation/update on my previous Harad build. I love this deck and it’s one of my go-to builds when I want something strong and familiar. All three heroes really shine as Gandalf let’s you build up quickly with his deck manipulation, Galadriel reduces your threat and draws you cards and Khaliel defends early in the game with his flexible action advantage.

I wrote a more complete description for my previous version so I won’t belabor every strategy tip here. 33 is a fairly high starting threat so be careful with your heroes on those first couple turns until you can get those big allies out. Playing across the table from Beregond will help with the threat level.

The deck starts to snowball fairly quickly and soon Gandalf and Jubayr are removijg shadow cards, Firyal is dodging the worst encounter cards, Kahliel and Gandalf are inspiring the allies to ready several times a turn, Galadriel is stabilizing your threat level and you’re drawing 4+ cards a turn and getting 5-6 resources. Soon it’s nearly impossible for the encounter deck to destroy it!

I’ve played this basic deck against many quests with good success including the entire Harad cycle and more recently several versions of the Wizard’s Quest in a solo, 1v1 and cooperative 2-player modes.

I hope it serves me well at the event!