Haldan’s Fury (Powerful Solo Deck-Updated)

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jamjams32 647

jamjams32 has a newer deck inspired by this one: Haldans Fury - Updated (Powerful Solo Deck)

So I’ve been intrigued by Haldan as soon as i saw him spoiled. This is a deck I’ve built centered around the bonkers ability that Haldan has. This deck uses many of the incredible location attachemnt cards in the game to help control threat, lower the quest value of locations, bring in expensive allies for free, and to draw a ton of cards.

I’ve played this deck solo against most of the Harad quests and am now playing through the Rhovanian cycle and it has been smashing quests consistently. It’s one of the most balanced decks I’ve played. It draws a TON of cards (Ancient Mathom, Daeron's Runes, Master of the Forge, Elven-light, etc). It can quest extremely hard. It’s got good healing. And finally, as we’ve probably all seen, this deck also tries to utilize Grimbeorn the Old to full effect. He’s a powerhouse in this deck as my primary defender and attacker early on. Load him up with a Captain of Gondor, Bow of Yew, and Glamdring, and he’s an absolute beast. He’s able to defend against most enemies with Honour Guard to help prevent any damage that might come his way

Some of other highlights of the deck is how it utilizes Elf-stone so effectively. Especially with using it in conjunction with Woodmen's Path its incredibly easy to trigger and bring in many of these incredible allies to further bolster our questing, defense, and attacking.

Overall it’s been an incredibly fun and powerful deck to play. Please send any comments or ideas about the deck. Give it a shot and let me know what you think! Game on


Oct 27, 2018 Benedikt 203

Another Card I thought about is the Dunedain Pathfinder as a help, if there is no location in the Staging Area.

Oct 29, 2018 The Broken Meeple 37

The Pathfinder is a serious consideration - I'm trying to build a deck myself for this archetype but I wasn't thinking about Grimbeorn - this would solve my issue which was making it solo viable for combat (previously it would only work in multiplayer).

But I included the Pathfinder in my deck provided I knew I could keep up with the normal Encounter deck draw. One issue you have is resource smoothing so the less your cards cost the better. I think I included Refugees, but not the Handmaidens in my first draft just because of the 2 cost. But 1 less threat is nice.

Oct 29, 2018 jamjams32 647

@The Broken Meeple Thanks for the comments. Yeah I like the pathfinder. It’s certainly a possible include in this deck. I’ll have to try it out. Not sure if you saw my thread on the FB group but I’ve also fit in 3 copies of Guarded Ceaselessly in this deck which has proven to be a tremendous card that i initially forgot about until recently. Let me know how your version goes. Also I love your YouTube channel. Thanks for all the great content

Oct 30, 2018 The Broken Meeple 37

Guarded Ceaselessly is actually one I put in my draft, I have a habit of cramming in every card for that "type" I need and then flushing it down to a more manageable list. At first I was like "I don't have many Scouts in general and certainly none I want to exhaust for a 2 boost to willpower effectively, but then I remembered Haldan's ability of not exhausting to quest and instantly kept it in. Effectively giving him a Willpower of 4 at times of need is huge not to mention the benefit that it's a 0 cost card and a location attachment.

Oct 30, 2018 The Broken Meeple 37

Also thanks for the kind comments! Didn't expect to receive those on RingsDB! :D

Oct 30, 2018 jamjams32 647

@The Broken Meeple Yeah I love your channel. I actually recently discovered it so I’ve been going through all of your top 10 lists which I’ve been enjoying. It’s been fun to see so much love for this game on your vidoes. So I’ve been trying out Pathfinder in this deck and i think i like it...a lot. I’ve got now x3 copies of Silvan Refugee which I like for the low cost and frankly I don’t do a lot of chump blocking in this deck as Grimbeorn takes on all the attacks so she typically lasts forever. And then I’ve taken out the Handmaiden completely and have slotted in the Pathfinder. So far I’ve been liking it a lot. I typically wait a bit until my board state is built up enough but it is good insurance that I’ll have a location out when i need one especially in solo play. I liked the Handmaiden as well but frankly this deck has no trouble with threat with things like Elronds Council and Woodmens Clearing so I was ok to take her out to lower my cost curve a bit in favor of more Silvan Refugees and now the Pathfinder. Again I’ve only gotten a few games in with the new list but the deck has performed beautifully. Keep up the good work on the channel. We’ve got very similar taste in games (I’m also a huge fan of Arkham LCG and just board games in general as I’ve got a massive collection). I am one of those weirdos though that does like Terraforming Mars