Manwhiches of Middle Earth

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SamthemanGamgee 339

Haldammmmmmmmmmnnnn What a Treat these men are!

after seeing the babes of middle earth the men decided to reclaim their dominance, so off with the shirts and out come the muscles. and yes I know haldir was a babe but look at him, what a mancake. they are the most powerful and need to prove it to those beautiful women, who would win?


Nov 08, 2018 kjeld 4

Le-Boromir should be in this lineup, just for that smoldering look alone!

Nov 08, 2018 Emilius 12

Glorfindel don’t seems a real man :-P

Nov 08, 2018 Gandalf_2077 60

FFG we need a third shirtless guy for this to work properly!

Nov 08, 2018 Wandalf the Gizzard 854

@DimitrisThat should have been Thalion. :P

Nov 08, 2018 SamthemanGamgee 339

@Emilius glorfindel is in the same category as haldir and gildor, he makes even the men swoon for him

Nov 08, 2018 apparentlyalvin 42

I'm glad mine isn't the only gaming group focused on the shirtless dude meta. Have you considered the other Woodmen, such as this fine specimen, or this one wiping his sweat-glistening brow?

Nov 08, 2018 SamthemanGamgee 339

@apparentlyalvin Very fine indeed maybe if woodman are explored (pun intended) they will be the woodmanwhiches