Na'asiyah fights for Gondor

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Na'asiyah fights for Gondor 0 0 2 1.0
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Single Core Series: A Storm on Cobas Haven 5 1 4 1.0
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aclarkbr90 2

Deck is focused on getting Na'asiyah as many resources as possible and keeping her ready. She should get Steward of Gondor and Unexpected Courage. Denethor (with Rune-Master) can be used to give her resources once she is the steward.

Narvi's belt should go on Gloin in order to get out Zigil Miners as early as possible to dig for 2s. Once he has the belt, he can also heal himself, contribute to the blues, or provide Na'asiyah with support in buying her attachments. Boots from Erebor give Gloin extra cushion to take damage, and will make him a more capable defender (particularly with Armored Destrier).


Jan 05, 2019 Wandalf the Gizzard 1689

Is there enough willpower in this deck to facilitate solo play? Anyway, nice deck!

Jan 07, 2019 mrbonanza 1

for increasing willpower for solo, you could swap few leadership ally for others (faramir, erestor).

because na'asiyah ability last for one attack only, I suggest firefoot. You can get rid of 2 targets from same big attack.

Jan 07, 2019 aclarkbr90 2

I intended this for two-player, most likely to be played across from another balanced deck (likely an outlands/Prince Imrahil one). But I think it could fair in solo with some leadership swaps that Mr. Bonanza mentioned.

Unfortunately I don't own Firefoot so it is not an option. I'm actually mostly planning to use her to destroy ships in Storm on Cobas Haven.