Stand your ground..Spartans.. Spears

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Highborns and arrogant elfs with servants
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Olander 87

This deck is all about dealing damage and reducing damage. Its a experimental build if there ever was one. With a successful questing you deal 1 from Thalin and 1 from Bilbo to an enermy. If Beregond has a spear its +1. Then Azain, legoal and company can strike back. Archers and spearmen can put an end to foes with one hitpoint letf. Honour guard, raven-winged helm, vigilant guard and Gondorian discipline reduces damage.

Outmatched, behind strong Walls and hold your ground readies Beregond.

Goblin cleaver and swift strike can make sure an enemy with 4-5 hitpoins is dead asap.

Open the armory finds your weapons and armor.

Keep watch and Legolas are good and Legolas i carddraw.

I wish tactics ha a card that lets them draw after killing with direct damage, not needing a hero to do the dirty work.

Needs testing and one to three questing companion decks providing willpower and extra readying and mabye healing.


Jan 06, 2019 Goggen 81

How do you expect to deal damage from Bilbo?

And what about his resources? You won't be very effective if 1/3 of your resources go unused.

I'd swap Bilbo with a tactics hero. Hirgon would probably be my favorite choice for this deck.

Jan 06, 2019 Palpa 1

Theres a new Tactics Bilbo in the 5th set. Sure he refers to him

Jan 07, 2019 Olander 87

Tactics bilbo yes.