14 rounds at the end of the Elven-Age

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simone 134

this isn't a play-to-win deck. There are some choice, like no including Elven-light for example, made just for play the deck in a certain way

Here you'll find for sure a lot of error, sorry i'm not english-native and during English lesson at school i usually played with videogames ;)

I recently bought the phisical version of the Flight of the Stormcaller cyrcle, and i build up this deck to face it, having a lot of fun. The only card i "digital" add is Eregion Survivor that's from Sands of Harad circle.

The think i love of this deck is that each round you must take hard choice: you'll have four card in you're hand, but what you gonna do with them? Probably you'll discard one to gain a extra resource via Arwen, but wich one? And then you'll be able to play the other three cards whit 4 resources? Or you discard all the card in your hand to pump up your heroes with Protector of Lórien? For sure, the main goal of the deck is keep your hand free

When 14th round come (if the game take you so far obviously), you're out of cards but not despaire. You'll have for sure in discard pile a last change, you're very last bullet: Lords of the Eldar.