January Solo League

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My deck for the January 2019 Solo league, played against:

  • Escape from Umbar
  • Desert Crossing
  • Race Across Harad

Gandalf makes a surprisingly good companion to Legolas here, even without his other toys. That's becuase Legolas often wants to discard the only card I draw each round in order to ensure I can send the maximum on the quest, but Gandalf gives me access to one more on the top of the deck.

The deck has a fairly large number of neutral cards, too, so Gandalf's resources (surprisingly) rarely go to waste.

I mulligan for Steward of Gondor, which goes on Gimli to help fuel his ability. The deck runs way better if I happen to get it in my opening hand.

Escape from Umbar

Won on my first try. The deck performed pretty well, with Gimli and Legolas being able to both quest and fight on round 1 coming in handy to help deal with the initial enemy.

Desert Crossing

I lost my first game due to too many Were-Worms in a short period of time, and not enough defenders. I forgot to take the advantage of a Grace of the Valar token on my second playthrough, but I was able to win anyway.

Race Across Harad

This one gave me some trouble. My losses were varied:

  1. The Orcs outquested me on Stage 3
  2. I got swarmed by enemies on Stage 4 and my Mumak died to undefended attacks
  3. Too many enemies got mounts which buffed them beyond the levels that my heroes could safely tank

I actually forgot to use my Grace of the Valar tokens on all of my runs except my last; I think that made all of the difference. I was immediately relieved when I finally was able to kill that Orc Chieftain!