Thanduil war Jump

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13nrv 2733


Feb 05, 2019 13nrv 2733

Recursive Jump with Elvenking. Prince Imrahil will activate his capacity at each Jump. With Prince Imrahil, we can put Lord of Morhond which give a great draw solution in this deck.

Feb 05, 2019 Mavwick 4

Love the Lord of Morthond include. Have you considered Strength of Arms for some big turns? It's a good reason to play mono-Leadership.

This could pair well with a Silvan deck on the other side of the table pushing Willpower with Galadriel.

Feb 06, 2019 13nrv 2733

I have considered Strength of Arms but i haven't found place for it. My games didn't show any needs on it. But it could be a great add on !

I agree with you, it could be pair with another willpower focus Silvan deck !