Dain Got The Ring

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SamthemanGamgee 218


this deck is a haldan deck with an added twist, which is Spirit Dain and Ring of Thrór. the combo is to use ring of thror to play a free attachment whenever you can to fuel haldan's strategy. so use dain to defend and then get a free attachment for haldan. then next turm reap the benefits of the attachment. this makes the forest road traveler better in combat because at least he will have one attachment for a stat boost. combat is mostly kept to treebeard dain and haldan. try and get treebeard down quickly for extra ability in combat.

opening hand

try and get a way to find a location or attachments for it. look for treebeard and most importantly ring of thror. efl stone and firyal is good too but not neccessary. but the deck is mostly self explanatory

have fun!


Feb 11, 2019 Narval 6

Really nice idea mixing Haldan and Dain with his ring. Want to try this out.

Feb 14, 2019 死锁 79

why not add Path of Need to your deck?

Feb 15, 2019 SamthemanGamgee 218

@Narval thank you!

@死锁 path of need is not an item so it cant be played with bard.