Noldor feed the bears (solo nightmare approved)

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openMfly 125

This deck uses the Beorning-Stand and Fight - mechanics. Get into secrecy (Elrond's Councel, The Galadhrim's Greeting, Double Back). Discard Beorning Skin-changer with Arwen. Put him into play with Stand and Fight. Use him for questing until you need a big bear from your hand or discard. Mono-Spirit gets big attack and defence.

Resourceful and Arwen for extra resources.

A Test of Will and Dwarven Tomb for treacheries.

Galadriel and Elven-light for Card Draw.

Willpower comes from heroes and spirit-allies.

This decks beats "The stewards fear - nightmare" in the third attempt. With this quest-special changes:

  • 3 Northern Trackers
  • 1 Light of Valinor
  • 2 Power of Orthanc
  • 2 Map of Earnil

Mar 09, 2019 dbldbl 20

Really cool concept.

Mar 10, 2019 perseflamme 25

I like the concept. But why do you want to go in secrecy ? If not, you can replace your ressourceful, Celduin and Galadhrims by 8 other cards that can help you to discard or whatelse (Emery, Erebor guard...)

Mar 10, 2019 openMfly 125

thx for the positive comments.

Resourceful is really strong in solo games. You draw many cards and you want play them.

Also, secrecy is great, when you have enough willpower. So you have in many quests some rounds to build your army and get controll.

Celduin Traveler gives you a one use Henamarth Riversong. You can prepare for what is coming.

More discard options are a good thing, but than controlled discard. Perhaps Protector of Lórien... but than you need Nenya first.

Mar 14, 2019 Tfu76 1

Great deck.I rarely net deck , but when I read that the deck had taken down Nightmare Stewards Fear I wanted to test it out for myself. I’ve beaten the scenario a handful of times (after many attempts) , each time just scrapping by with the win. This deck took the scenario apart. Excellent work.