Shadow and Flame Fellowship by czyn deck 1 (progression 1CS)

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Shadow and Flame Fellowship by czyn (progression with 1CS)
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czyn 172

Priority deck to do damage to Durin's Bane. Send Prince Imrahil to quests as we will be ready anyway because of lost of ally. Use Boromir and his ability as much as possible to engage enemies which you want to get rid of staging area (excepting round 1 when better to stay with threat level 0). Try to get one undefended hit from some weak enemy to Gimli to raise his attack. There are couple of attachments dedicated to your companion heroes. Ring Mail should first go to Frodo (second for Gimli), Rivendell Bow for Glorfindel to support your attacks and all Dunedains Warnings for Elrond to allow him defend attacks from Durin's Bane.