Making For The Gap of Rohan

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Christian_Medic 194

My first Mono-sphere deck. I know Tactics has been traditionally very weak at questing but hoping to change that here. I'm a huge Boromir and Tactics fan and really like the idea of questing at 10 round 1 and then still having Boromir be able to ready to defend any enemy threats.

Thematically this represent's Boromir's super long journey to Rivendell and the epic battles he no doubt got into during those travels through the Horse Realm as he wandering around on foot bellowing his horn.

Tactics for this build are to Mulligan to get Gondorian Shield and/or Captain of Gondor in your starting hand. Also Song of Travel is key to let you play King Theoden's Horse and Steed.

Rohan warhorse can go on either Boromir for more roc-slaughtering glory or put both on Eowyn to let her be able to make more use of her once per game super strike.

Any tips are welcome, I have all Saga expansions and all packs up to the end of the Angmar cycle.


Jun 27, 2019 Onidsen 868

Ooh - I like this one. I worry a little about getting Herugrim and Snowmane into play, and I'm not sure at all that the Steed of the Mark is actually worth including. But I love the bones of this deck.

Actually, my real question is this: Who are all the mounts meant to go on? Snowmane for Theoden, obviously. But who gets the rest? Boromir's Restricted slots are going to be taken up by the Horn and the Gondorian Shield, while Theoden's could well be taken up by Golden Shield and/or Herugrim. Are the Rohan Warhorses just to put on Theoden or Boromir if their other restricted attachments don't show up?

Jun 27, 2019 Christian_Medic 194

Yes Snowmane for Theoden, Steed of the Mark isn't restricted, so it's for Eowyn so she can be ready to battle if strong enemies are piling up and still quest, you can also attach a Golden Shield to her if you want her to be a super defender. In that case put a second Rohan Warhorse in addition to Snowmane one theoden to help him attack twice.

Jun 28, 2019 wehehe 555

I think Master Ironsmith would be useful for you as another way to put Herugrim into play. I usually use it with Hirgon, as it reduces its cost, but I supose this is not an option for you.

Jun 28, 2019 Christian_Medic 194

Yes that's a great card and hero as well. Unfortunately I don't have either of those packs yet. Slowly and mostly chronologically collecting the deluxe expansions and their adventure packs. But not quite there yet.