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Kirha 9

Built with the limitations of my cardpool, here's a creature deck! Old Radagast only; I don't have ANY of the newer cards! All of my creatures are Eagles, and they aren't especially efficient. Since there are so few, I stuck as close as possible to "creatures" to fill out the deck and went ents! Treebeard brings resource generation effectively up to 5, with some built in action advantage!

This deck can reliably defeat Passage Through Mirkwood, but it takes a good long while to ramp up, and you'll eat some threat while doing it. Some light modifications would make it a respectable multiplayer deck, and it would be easy to just leave out Gandalf and/or swap heroes to suit any group.

Fairly bland and less effective than I expected, I am nonetheless amused that it passes the basic litmus test of "Can it beat a quest?" Yes. Yes it can. That is all.


Aug 13, 2019 BeestThouNotInHaste 99

`@Kirha, Since you have the Nin-in-eilph, might I advise trying Mablung as a hero? I've found his extra resource is fantastic for paying for those expensive eagles, or at least guaranteeing you can keep the Winged Guardian around, should you engage something.