Mustering the Army

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The Fate of Wilderland - Tactical Response
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Denison 476

This deck is part of a two-deck fellowship designed to beat The Fate of Wilderland.

The heroes quest for 8 in the early game. Making progress in The Fate of Wilderland isn't critical, but using Hirgon's ability is. The goal is to get out one or two allies every round. The cost curve of the allies was intentionally kept low to help facilitate a massive army.

6 of of the 7 attachments are here to help with threat because threat will definitely be an issue! With two heroes amping up threat with their ability, activating The Red Arrow is easy.

Only the most cost-effective events are included here. The weapons from the other deck in this fellowship will allow for these events to be triggered.


Aug 14, 2019 Alonewolf87 301

Nice decks, you could consider putting in a copy or two of Oath of Eorl to demolish enemies before they attack or of Thicket of Spears

Aug 14, 2019 Christian_Medic 273

Boromir and Theoden rock together!

Aug 14, 2019 Denison 476

@Alonewolf87Excellent recommendations. Both cards would easily slot into this deck. The Veteran Axehands would probably be the first cut.