Dain's Thematic Dwarves (1 Core, Mirkwood, Dwarrofdelf, Hobb

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Eriol 4

This deck was made for solo play through the Dwarrowdelf cycle in a semi-progression style, which means that I use no cards from Against the Shadow and onward (although I do use some from both Hobbit boxes). It has now successfully defeated all quests in that cycle. Yes, even Shadow and Flame!

It also ended up being fairly thematic, mainly because to my surprise, I found I didn't really want Steward of Gondor in the deck. It's a busted card for sure, but it does only give resources to one hero. I much prefer the flexibility of things like We Are Not Idle or Zigil Miner. The other thematic aspect is that I don't use allies from the Hobbit saga boxes, because they represent persons from a different time, some of which are not even alive at the time the game is set (i.e. Thorin, Kili and Fili).