The storm that comes and goes

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Steinwill 49

So after listening to yet another highly entertaining episode of Cotr and hearing Seastans ETERNAL "hatred" for the card The Gathering Storm I felt inspired to figure out a good way to use The Gathering Storm as I consider myself the defender of all derpy none-power cards^^

So how do you overcome the added threat to the staging area? Bilbo Baggins loves high threat enemies but he isn't in the right sphere. Enter Éomer a card I honestly had forgotten existed but fits perfectly into this idea.

Because both Bilbo and Emoer are both quest responses you can choose which of them you trigger first

  • Bilbo Baggins Quests against an enemy you added with The Gathering Storm
  • Gets extra willpower based on threat.
  • Then you trigger Éomer questing ability to (hopefully) attack and kill the target removing it from staging

This is, of course, the perfect scenario and during testing, the deck doesn't always manage to ramp Emoer up to killing speed fast enough but it's still a very fun deck and your questing is pretty good out the gate.

I've focused mainly on defending allies to get into play with The Gathering Storm but Marksman of Lórien is another good target as it gives -2 to the added enemy for Eomer to go murderhobo on^^

The deck is still very much in the testing stage so any suggestions are of course welcome^^


Sep 05, 2019 TheChad 4612

very cool idea! Thanks for listening and I think you will enjoy the next episode quite a bit ;)

Sep 05, 2019 Rimogard 181

A deck with the Gathering Storm, Leadership Eomer and Tactics Bilbo! I was just thinking about making one. I hope this one works! :)

Sep 06, 2019 Steinwill 49

Ah thanks Chad! I look forward to hearing the next episode =D oh and fun to hear Rimogard, you wouldn't be the one on Lotr facebook page who talked about those hero combinations? saw a tread like that while i was working on this. I look forward to seeing what you'll put together then^^

Sep 13, 2019 Rimogard 181

@Steinwill That's me alright! It's definitely in my long list of decks I want to build and try! I hope it's good when it comes out! :)