Dain's Company - TA-SP

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The / part of Dain's Company.

Thalin quests for 2 and damages enemies. Gimli can join him in questing and take undefended attacks. He can be readied/kept ready to deal with a big enemy once he has some damage counters on him. Use Citadel Plate to keep him alive. Dwalin mostly slams Orcs and lowers your threat. Beaf him up with Dúnedain Mark from the other deck. It is best that he or a hero with Song of Travel takes Steward of Gondor from the other deck.

Use the Eagles and Gondorian Spearman to keep smaller enemies at bay. The Dwarf allies, beafed up by Dáin Ironfoot can really dish out some damage to bigger enemies.

West Road Traveller can help with location management. Zigil Miner can generate resources. Name number 1 for his ability.