Saga 3P: Strider & Sam Save The World (TRD)

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Saga Campaign 3P (TRD): Pippen Falls into Shadow
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Snufflegator 196

Snufflegator has a newer deck inspired by this one: Saga 3P: Sam Saves The World (Final Version)

Changed from our original Aragorn/Sam/Glóin lineup because Sam was too good a defender so Gloin was kind of useless. (See the Fellowship page for quest notes and more detail.)

Sam has become a legend, getting the Andúril, Sting, and Noble Hero boons. He can usually quest, defend, counter, and attack all in the same turn. Bonkers.

Heir of Mardil goes on Aragorn, so later in the game he can be readied by Theodred without spending the coin.

The Dúnedain Cache usually goes on Gimli from the other deck first, and then either Merry (for extra readying) or Aragorn.