Heir of Mardil

Attachment. Cost: 1.


Attach to a Noble hero.

Response: After attached hero gains any number of resources from a card effect, exhaust Heir of Mardil to ready attached hero.

"...in my turn I bore it, and so did each eldest son of our house, far back into the vanished years before the failing of the kings..."
Denethor, The Return of the King
Alexandre Dainche

Celebrimbor's Secret #113. Leadership.

Heir of Mardil

You know who loves this card? Glóin, that's who! With a side of Lore healing, this Dwarf will have such a delicious breakfast Pippin and Merry would be jealous! Dual defending on a turn? Sure! Warden of Healing would love to help with that. What if Glóin want to go alone? He has a good sense of Self Preservation after all!

If somehow his son got him the The One Ring, he would surely become the most Well Preserved Ring-Bearer of all time! Not to mention the wealthiest! Other minor Magic Rings can also be effective, albeit obviously on a bit smaller scale.

For those who like 'What if' scenarios, or weird anachronistic deckbuilding archetypes, he could sign the Forth, The Three Hunters!, instead of his son, getting Elrond to replace Legolas and keep Aragorn for questing and attacking. What if he becomes The Grey Wanderer and fetch this as the primary attachment, I wonder... Ok, I'm stopping right here, this got silly pretty fast.

Still! This is a nice card to have with Glóin if you like his shenanigans.

bane 73
One of my favorite target is Elrond himself, to better use his stats (having him act twice or using Vilya and still have him act once). It can be triggered with lot of cards but the easiest setup is with Theodred (player's order permitting if in a Fellowship). — Alonewolf87 2237
Leadership Gimli is also a good target if he has Dwarven Shield attached — nelloianiro 1017

I have been using this card with Théodred. it is amazing. you can use it on theodred of you can use it on another noble character such as Faramir, Aragorn, and Thorin Oakenshield so you can get good use out of there stats

jvader 135
Great combo — serpico 264

Another nice (though limited by its being unique) action advantage card. There a few good target for this card, since Noble heroes are quite common and quite often have good stats or abilities to take advantage of. There are several ways to activate the effect whenever needed, like delaying your Steward of Gondor exhaustion, events like Wealth of Gondor, abilities like Arwen Undómiel and so on.