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Largo Black Riders - Escape From Moria
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Elrond x5 - paired w/ mono dwarf tactics 0 0 0 8.0
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AltarofPan 19

08.24.19 - updated from a previous incarnation that was intended for solo hills of emyn muil. this time around its going to be paired with a thematically appropriate mono tactics dwarf deck for a run through of into the pit.

i am fully aware that my deck has no thematic anything going on. i'm just having fun..

09.24.19 - updated to include the wellinghall preserver x2, legacy of durin x2 (partner fellowship deck is mono dwarf tactics), song of wisdom increased to x3, and hasty stroke x2. having the preserver as arwen's protector makes everyone feel better. not to mention that 3 willpower.. yeah - welcome additions. next quest: flight from moria, which i have never played before..

Elrond and old man Bilbo and the healing herbs aren't in this deck for optimization, they're there for fun (..i like the characters..).

anyways its a fun deck to play. i have experience and can vouch - in the end it handles itself and it pulls its weight. enjoy.


Sep 24, 2019 AltarofPan 19

(..handles itself when paired with gimli's combat squad..)