Thorin's Company - Hobbit: OtD (Flies and Spiders)

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The Lonely Mountain - 1 Player - 2019-11-06
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oxnateri 84

oxnateri has a newer deck inspired by this one: Thorin's Company - Hobbit: OtD (The Lonely Mountain)

Going for the typical dwarf swarm approach of my previous Hobbit decks: use Nori to keep threat in check, resource smooth with Bifur + Thorin Oakenshield.

The Lonely Mountain

This quest looks fairly location heavy and doesn't have any scary enemies to defend against except for Smaug, who will one-shot any hero or ally. So, tech choices sub out hit point, defense, & attack boost in favor of willpower boost and location control. Need to be able to clear locations easily and easily travel to Secret Entrance if possible:

  • +2 Thror's Map
  • +2 Secret Paths
  • +3 Longbeard Map-Maker
  • +2 Untroubled by Darkness
  • +3 Ancestral Knowledge
  • −3 Dúnedain Warning
  • −3 Mirkwood Runner
  • −3 Durin's Song
  • −3 Boots from Erebor

Flies and Spiders

Tech choices:

  • Dori: Soak damage from spiders from venom as necessary to keep heroes from going unconscious.
  • Miner of the Iron Hills: Counter Dark Bats or remove poison from heroes.
  • Dúnedain Warning + A Burning Brand: Look to get this combo on Bifur to get a defender who can stop most spiders. If Dori is out, then even better as any excess damage can be passed to him.

Remaining card choices should be fairly self explanatory.

Strategy for Flies and Spiders:

  • Stage 1: Get 3-4 allies out if possible so that we can get Thorin's resource generation bonus in stage 3 after we lose all resources. Try to buff Bifur with Dúnedain Warning and A Burning Brand.
  • Stage 3: Ready Thorin Oakenshield first for his resource generation, question, and attack. Next Bifur, especially if he has any attachments to boost defense. Then Nori and start working through allies. Make aggressive use of Bilbo's Magic Ring to generate Baggins resources and ready an unconscious character each round.
  • Stage 4: Fairly straightfoward. Quest as hard as possible while making sure to have enough characters held back to potentially defend and counterattack.