Middle-Earth Airstrikes

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Christian_Medic 942

An Eagle secrecy deck that wants to keep its threat low, gain resources from resourceful (the key mulligan card) and cards from the "new Legolas hero" up to three times per round with Great Yew Bow/Hands Upon the Bow into the staging area or quick strike/normal attacks with enemies engaged with you. Readying courtesy of Rohan warhorse and magic ring which go on Legolas as well. Throw as many copies of Support of the Eagles onto him as well; to ensure every arrow fired is done so from atop an eagle air-striking down into the orcs below. Will definitely update for new Eagle allies/events as they come out. But nice to have a secrecy option in Tactics to gain resources via resourceful and snipe away into the staging area and have bonus repeatable card draw. Also questing at 5 out of the gate is great as well for Tactics solo decks.


Jun 07, 2022 BlackArrow 295

sounds fun I would just replace Rivendell Bow with Rivendell Blade its more powerful