The True King of Gondor is Strider

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Truemrfu 14

The whole point of this deck is to play it like a typical strider/secrecy deck. but instead of playing with 2 heroes, you are giving one away. You can do it first turn, or wait a few turn if you need the extra resources to get sword that is broken onto Aragorn.

To get into secrecy you can use threat reduction early or save Aragorns ability then use the threat reduction after that.

Late game Aragorn will have 3 spheres so you can save Glorfindelaa resources for song of hope

There a lot of 1 of cards in here because the idea is you go after the cards you want, and just build up Aragorn.


Mar 13, 2020 Alonewolf87 1585

I think that Aragorn ability will bring your threat down to 22, not 17, since Messenger of the King adds the ally-hero threat to your starting threat.